The Wiggly Tendrils   2009-03-08 2:37 PM

Conor Loughridge, formerly of First Coat, has a new songwriting blog, “The Wiggly Tendrils” — and the ambitious goal of writing a few songs each week for the year. With some great results so far: right now, we especially recommend “Consider the Necessity”([megaphone] mp3 1.9 MB) from this past Monday.

We've made some small adjustments to our links page, including our recommended listening: artists and projects section.

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Plastic Crimewave dot com   2008-08-26 1:00 PM

We added it to our links page when it was announced yesterday, but just wanted to help be sure the word gets out: Plastic Crimewave now has a homeplace on the Web, -- and it's definitely worth checking out. Blogging at the Reader, Philip Montoro observes parenthetically, “It must be very strange for him to work in a medium where he can't draw and letter everything by hand.”

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Site news: news pages updated   2008-08-24 8:34 PM

We've just updated our web site to use Blogger to manage our news pages. This is a big improvement over what we'd been doing for the past several months, which was managing -- and we use the term loosely -- a single news page by simply opening it in an editor and typing in our most recent news at the top. It took us a little while to integrate with our pre-existing custom php system, but it's been worth it. Blogger lets us easily have individual pages for individual posts, links to previous posts, and groups posts by tags (or "labels," as they're called in Blogger). It also makes it easy to maintain atom and rss feeds. In coming up with our Blogger html template, we found “Publishing a Blog with Blogger - Visual QuickProject Guide” to be a most excellent reference, and we borrowed liberally from the Airbag Industries styles featured at earlier this year. Finally, we've taken the opportunity to clear out some past-tense entries.

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