Hey Chicago! Soft Targets TV party tonight!   2009-03-24 12:39 PM

One last reminder: Watch the Soft Targets performance of their hit single, “The Kids Want Action” on Chic-a-go-go tonight!

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Soft Targets Chic-a-go-go clip   2009-03-21 3:48 PM

The Soft Targets have posted a clip of their Chic-a-go-go performance and interview on their blog. Check it out—and remember, the show airs this week!

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Soft Targets Chic-a-go-go airdates   2009-03-08 5:38 PM

The Soft Targets performed “The Kids Want Action” at the Chic-a-go-go taping yesterday. The Soft Targets performance is part of show #608, which will air on Tuesday, March 24 at 8:30 PM and Wednesday, March 25 at 3:30 PM. That's on CAN TV19 on Cable in Chicago. Chic-a-go-go also airs in the Bay Area on “9th Floor Radio - TV” Friday and Saturday nights on Peralta TV, cable 27 in Berkeley and 28 in Oakland and online at peralta.tv. (Not sure what date Peralta TV will air show #608.)

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Soft Targets 10/25 at Ronny's   2008-10-24 4:06 PM

The Soft Targets will be playing tomorrow night, Saturday, October 25, at Ronny's “Center for the Performing Arts” (2101 N California Ave, Chicago - map). Also playing: The Mediums (“new killer garage rock project brought to you by dudes who will kill”), Shotgun for Royalty (myspace), and Animal City (myspace). 9 PM. 21+

The Brand new Soft Targets “The Kids Want Action” 7" and brand new Soft Targets Soft Targets Must Be Destroyed! CD will be available at the show! (Let this be the record release show!)

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Soft Targets tracks on our myspace page   2008-09-20 4:26 PM

We've added both rockin' tracks from the new (but delayed) Soft Targets 7", ”The Kids Want Action“ and ”Don't Ask Why,“ to the Loud Devices myspace page -- so now you can preview the record both there and on the Soft Targets myspace page. Enjoy! And we promise the vinyl is coming!

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Preview new 7" on Soft Targets myspace page   2008-09-13 9:00 AM

Just a quick post to note that you can preview the new Soft Targets 7" over on the Soft Targets myspace page. (!)

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Record release show -- without the records   2008-09-12 1:06 PM

Well tonight's Soft Targets show at the Mutiny was supposed to be the record release show for the new, but we still don't have the records. (In fact, they still haven't been pressed! Word from the plant, simply: "Seven-inches are backed up.") We'll let you know more when we know more, but hopefully we'll have the vinyl soon. In the meantime, tonight's free show happens as planned, there just won't be any new records to buy. (But that means you'll have more money for those frosty mugs of beer.)

One final caveat: the real Soft Targets are playing tonight at the Mutiny, 2428 N Western Ave; strangely, Tallahassee, Florida band (myspace), strangely also called the Soft Targets, will be playing an unrelated show just across the street from the Mutiny. Don't be fooled! It is to the Mutiny that you want to go to see the real Soft Targets from Chicago.

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7" Release Show 9/12 @ the Mutiny, Chicago   2008-09-06 1:07 PM

image: cover of the Soft Targets seven-inch single, The Kids Want Action b/w Don't Ask WhyIt's time!

The Record Release Show for the new Soft Targets 7" single “The Kids Want Action” b/w “Don't Ask Why” will take place this Friday night, September 12, 9 PM at the Mutiny (myspace link).

The Mutiny is located at 2428 N Western Ave (just north of Fullerton) in Chicago (map).

The Titmice (myspace) and The Party Downers are playing, too.

This is a FREE SHOW! 21+

UPDATE (2008-09-12): This show is still happening, but as we don't have any vinyl yet (how often have you hear that one?), it's not so much a record release show.

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Gapers Block on First Coat   2008-07-11 3:00 PM

Gapers Block's “Transmission” music site today is “reminiscing about three Chicago bands that have up and faded away, despite their greatness.” Nilay Patel writes about one of those great bands, “First Coat, 2003-2007.”

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